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iTero 5D Digital Imaging

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Our office offers the latest technologies, such as the iTero® Element 5D imaging system, to ensure patients receive comprehensive preventive oral care that offers superior oral health. Used in many dental treatments, the iTero® Element 5D is often our team's first opportunity when creating a treatment plan. The iTero Element can create 3D digital impression images that are then used to develop treatment plans and address any areas of concern.

In addition to creating digital impressions, the iTero Element 5D allows our team to monitor your dental health by creating time-lapse imaging to visualize changes as they occur. This technology will enable us to diagnose dental concerns such as cavities by showing the teeth's external and internal structures.

Using the iTero® Element 5D offers detailed images of the teeth and mouth in real-time so that the patient and dentist can better understand your oral health status by allowing our team to make notes and mark areas that need monitoring directly on the images to better identify any changes between examinations.

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