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OPUS Facial Aesthetics

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Our office is excited to offer OPUS Plasma technology that provides comprehensive smile & skin services that help patients achieve the beautiful, natural look they deserve.

Opus Plasma makes history as the first fractional plasma technology to enter the skin resurfacing category to address superficial to complex textural and skin quality concerns most commonly corrected in the past with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full field ablative resurfacing lasers. These procedures have extensive downtime. With Opus plasma technology, your downtime lasts about the same as a weekend- 48 hours!!

As the only technology to operate at a high frequency of over 40 MHz, the metal pins on the Opus Plasma are super-charged with high RF voltage. When in close proximity to the skin, the RF-energy discharge reacts to atmospheric pressure in the air, creating plasma. The profile of the micro thermal zones produced by the plasma can be controlled based on the desired ablation effect further expanding the treatment versatility of the technology- a light, moderate, or aggressive resurfacing procedure can be achieved to reach the desired clinical result.

Benefits of OPUS Plasma:

Deliver significant customized results with minimal downtime.
Tailored treatments to skin type, needs, and preferences, adjusting the intensity to obtain desired results.
Treat the entire face and neck or target specific areas in about 15 minutes.
Produce consistent noticeable results in 1-3 sessions
It can be used on delicate areas such as the eyes, lips, and surgical scars.

OPUS Plasma can be used to:

Treat areas such as the face, neck, and hands
Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
Rejuvenate your skin with minimal downtime and maximum results.
Reduce the appearance of acne and surgical scars.
Even out skin tone and sun damage.
Refresh and revitalize the appearance of dull, lackluster skin.

How Does Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing Work?

Opus Plasma uses high-frequency unipolar radiofrequency energy to create tiny channels in the skin and jumpstart its natural collagen production through a wound-healing response. While some patients will begin to see improvement after the first visit, most patients achieve optimal results after 3 treatments that occur approximately 4 weeks apart.

This novel solution addresses superficial to complex textural and skin-quality concerns that are traditionally corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full-field ablative resurfacing lasers, but with less downtime and a higher safety profile. Opus Plasma can correct hyperpigmentation. In addition, it tightens and repairs the skin to correct many other skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, enlarged pores, broken blood vessels, skin laxity, acne scars, stretch marks, and uneven texture.

For more information, please visit Alma's website and select OPUS Plasma for more information.

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CBD+ Skincare 

We also offer CBD Plus anti-aging and recovery products to help maintain your skin following OPUS Plasma treatment. CBD+ is the first professional skincare solution that combines the scientific benefits of full spectrum CBD, shown to visibly reduce redness and calm the appearance of stressed skin, with clinically proven cosmetic ingredients to visibly rebalance the skin back to a natural, healthy state.

For more information, please visit Alma's website and select CBD+ Skincare for more information.

All images, videos and content are provided by ALMA, the owner of OPUS Plasma.

Frequently Asked Questions about OPUS Facial Aesthetics

How long do Opus treatment results last?
You’re less likely to experience changes in skin color with Opus Plasma. Your skin will heal faster than with laser skin resurfacing procedures. And you can expect results to last as long as three full years.
How many treatments for Opus Plasma?
Many people start to see improvements in their skin after their first treatment, especially as collagen production continues over the following weeks. However, you will most likely need about 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to see your best results.
What are the side effects of Opus treatment?

If you choose to do the Opus treatment, you must avoid excessive alcohol 3 days prior: No peels, facials, exfoliants, masks, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide acne products, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA), or beta hydroxyl acids (BHA).

Is Opus Plasma FDA approved?
YES, this technology is FDA-approved and is the first skin resurfacing system that uses fractional plasma, an ionized gas that brings heat to the skin in a controlled form. Opus Plasma uses radio frequency-charged metal pins that make fractional traumas to targeted areas of the skin.
What to expect after Opus Plasma?
Opus Plasma procedures require 24 hours of downtime. After your appointment you can resume your normal activities after your appointment; however, treated areas may be red and swollen for up to 48 hours.
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